Bosio shuns state team in favour of jnr masters

10th August 2017 9:04 AM
GOLF TIME: Justice Bosio practises her swing every afternoon. GOLF TIME: Justice Bosio practises her swing every afternoon. Contributed

GOLF: Justice Bosio, 13, is already having to prioritise golfing competitions after being selected and then declining her opportunity at playing for the state team.

Bosio said she had always loved golf and remembered when she would smile at the television when golf tournaments would come on.

"It has always made me happy and then my dad started taking me out and I just really enjoyed it,” she said.

"My friends think it's an old person sport but I think it's for any ages and it's a sport you can play for life.”

Bosio's mother Tracy said turning down her chances at the state competition was the kind of decision she was going to have to make sometimes.

"The state competition used to be in August and now it's in December when she's got the Greg Norman Junior Masters on,” Tracy said.

"There are gruelling expectations down there.

"She was pretty disappointed but we both sat down and talked about it and I left it up to her but we decided that the Greg Norman one was more important.”

Bosio has been playing golf since she was six years old and competing in 18-hole tournaments since she was 10.

She said juggling school and golf hadn't been a struggle yet but she expected it to get harder as she moved into older grades.

"I'll work out a way to do it all though,” she said.

"I get frustrated when I don't do my best but I've never wanted to quit.”

Tracy said Justice's knack for golf hadn't affected her study either with the young Caboolture student still receiving As and Bs on her report cards.

"She knows if her schooling slips, then mum and dad will say golf is off,” she said.