OPINION: Surrogacy plea - the story that made a difference

19th March 2017 11:30 AM
Alexia Purcell is News Regional Media's social media editor. Alexia Purcell is News Regional Media's social media editor. Iain Curry

AS A journalist I have met some amazing people, seen some terrible things and written some stories that absolutely break my heart.

But when they make a difference, when something I have written helps someone - that is all that matters and it makes me so proud.

Recently I interviewed a beautiful couple who after 17 rounds of IVF and more than $100,000 out-of-pocket had been told their only chance of becoming parents is through surrogacy.

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I was expecting it to be a hard call. And it was. There was lots of tears - on both ends.

I have been vocal in sharing my own IVF journey - something that I thought was going to destroy me - but after four long years we finally got what we dreamed of: a beautiful baby boy and now, a beautiful baby girl.

I feel so incredibly lucky.

Speaking to this couple I could relate - the injections, the doctors' appointments, the procedures, the hope, the despair, the heartbreak.

But I got my outcome, I have my family.

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This couple, they are still trying and hoping and praying.

So I offered to help tell their story - a small gesture in the grand scheme of things. But it made a difference. Such a big difference.

Their story is an incredible one of resilience, faith and remarkable selflessness. And it touched thousands of people.

There was a small hope that "that most amazing, selfless person" might read it and make the offer that would change their lives - to carry their baby.

And maybe they did.

This morning I woke to messages from incredibly generous women all over Australia asking me to put them in touch so they could offer to be their surrogate.

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There is an outpouring of offers and support on all the posts on our Facebook pages.

And the couple have received several emails from a "beautiful group of women" sending their support and offers, something they never expected in "their wildest dreams".

I hope to have an update for you all on where this couple is at and whether they have found their surrogate later in the week.

Meanwhile I have a huge smile on my face because today I made a difference.   

Alexia Purcell is News Regional Media's social media editor. You can connect with Alexia on her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/alexiajpurcell